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I'm into this band called FOLKS this past year.
It's a band formed by ex-member of Galileo Galilei, Iwai Fumito and Noguchi Kazumasa with 3 of their childhood friends.
(one of them is Fumito's big brother)
Check out their official site HERE!

I liiiiiiike their songs so much that last September i decided to visit Hokkaido specially to watch their live
meet each member and successfully got them to sign the band t-shirt i bought before the event
and even handshake with each member!!! (i spazing out and almost can't move my hand when I shook hand with Fumito lol)
(the whole event was awesome and unforgetable btw)

and since not much people know them yet, I'm thinking about spreading their music to the world xD

their debut album, NEWTOWN



and their first single, HOMETOWN STORY

FOLKS_HOMETOWN STORY_仮JK-thumb-autox420-16778


Both are my original rip, please support your favorite band by buying their CDs :D

And if anyone interested on their PVs, you guys can check it here:

or if you live outside Japan like me and Sony hates your country, you can check on their vevo account for the PVs

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Try to write Radwimps "Sprechchor" based on the scan i got from here

since i write it without listening to the song, there must be some wrong kanji.
will edit and add romaji lyrics once i get home.

anyway, here is the kanji lyrics

SprechchorCollapse )

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Link under the cutCollapse )

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it's been almost 5 years since i create this account and never once i write anything in my own journal lol

basically because i only use this account to interact with other people in each community i join in,

and i already have another blog to post about my activity :))

plus, twitter is taking almost everything i have in mind so there's almost nothing i want to write anymore outside twitter lol

for those who want to see my blog, you can find it here

don't know whether i will update this journal again or not

but one thing for sure, i'm always active in the community <3

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